Rooting Bear Rub

The worse cases of dry, flaky, irritated skin will cower under the remarkable moisturizing power of Rooting Bear Rub. Nourished by nature, your skin will feel soft and supple.  Rooting Bear Rub works with the body's own chemistry to help it repair its own skin problems.  Customers constantly surprise us with its innumerable uses. 

Ingredients:  Butyrospermum parkii (shea) fruit [organic and fair trade], Lavandula officinalis (lavender) oil, Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil & Rosmarinum officinalis (rosemary) oil

Warning:  Contains tree nuts (shea).

If it's made of 100% plant, where did we get the name Rooting Bear Rub?  By watching bear, Native people learned the special gifts that Creator put in the plants for us to use.  Bear knows what plant to forage for and what root to dig to treat whatever ails him.

Rooting Bear Rub is:

  • 100% natural
  • Certified vegan-friendly
  • Certified cruelty-free
  • Made with organic, fair trade shea butter
  • A proprietary formulation by herbal biologist and doctoral student of naturopathy, Laralyn RiverWind.

 Customer reviews**:

  • Krista B. -"Rooting Bear Rub has been the most effective product I have used for my hand eczema, not even the prescriptions have worked as well. I am so thankful I found this product."
  • Gabriel, 7 yrs old - "The Rooting Bear Rub helped a lot! It is the best stuff ever! I had a really bad rash that the medicine couldn't heal and the Rooting Bear Rub healed it. I love that stuff. It is the best stuff on earth. My rash is gone. Please don't stop selling it. Thank you!"
  • Carol S. - "I have just finished my first jar of Rooting Bear Rub and I think it is magic stuff. I like the way it appears to go on as a wax and then mysteriously changes into a creamy oil. It has does wonders on an inflamed sensitive spot on face. I saw this area heal up over nightwith this product."
  • THANK YOU Native Touch for sending the samples of Rooting Bear Rub for my patients to try in chemo clinic at UAB. One example of your product helping was a [cancer drug] patient with a rash not responding to hydrocortisone cream used the Rub and within 2 days it had already started clearing and gone after the 3rd day. The essential oil is a very strong fragrance, but all natural and very soothing! Thank you so much for the samples. I know you will have new customers!! - J. Madison RN
  • You have saved my face from scarring due to Lupus I am thankful for finding you. Thanks, Rooting Bear Rub!  Elizabeth R., Marble, NC

  • “I am using Rooting Bear Rub to treat a skin problem on my leg.  I amseeing real healing!  The Rub also reduces pain and draws off fluid.  I am very happy!  I have had this problem for over 2 years and have ‘tried everything.’  Only the Rub helps – all other products make my skin worse. Thank you so much! ... I am “sold” on Native Touch!  Blessings for making Rooting Bear Rub – I had just about given up hope!”  -Louisa, Covington, LA
  • I have dealt with psoriasis for years since being a teenager. It’s an embarrassing condition on my scalp.  Using Rooting Bear Rub has made a dramatic difference in the flakiness and dry skin that I deal with.  Lynn B., healthcare provider from North Carolina

PLEASE NOTE:  Rooting Bear Rub is ALL NATURAL.  During cooler weather it "hibernates" in its solid state.  When exposed to warmer temperatures (above 85 degrees F), it "wakes up" into a liquid, somewhat like coconut oil.  This does not hurt it, but can affect the creamy consistency.  However, beware that it doesn't jump out of the container onto you if it has wakened up during shipping or after sitting in a warm car! When it resolidifies, it can be denser.  If you prefer it to be in its creamy solid consistency, put it in the refrigerator (while it's liquid) only until an opaque surface appears (usually 1-2 hours).  It is best stored between 60 and 80 degrees to avoid "waking up THE BEAR."

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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